Cracking Open Easter

An Easter resource for all ages

Cracking Open Easter

An Easter resource for all ages.

With beautifully illustrated pages detailing the events of Holy Week and the beginnings of the Christian church, this interactive resource will attract and educate young and old alike as to the meaning of Easter.
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Use online for free: Start cracking open Easter (Flash player required. The latest version of Flash player can be downloaded here.)

How to use

Try to view the content in order. Click all the links on each page, including ‘Dig deeper’. The background music can be switched off using the sound icon on the top right.
The first page opens with a menu of spinning globes. Hover over the globe to see the topic. Click the globe to ‘crack open’ the topic. If you move the mouse away the globes spin faster, if you move the mouse towards the globes they will slow down. There is an option for a standard menu; to switch menus, look for the egg at the bottom of the screen.
verse_tipTip: If you hover over the verse numbers in the Bible readings you can see the reference.

All Bible readings are from the New International Version.
Audio of Bible readings by Iain Morris.

Produced by Cambron Software for the Jam Trust, East Kilbride