The JAM Shop

The JAM shop is in Cornwall Way in East Kilbride Town Centre.
It is completely free, and everyone is welcome to explore the exhibits and presentations. There are chill out areas and different games for young people to enjoy, and staff are on hand to answer questions. This shop was opened by Dr Lisa Cameron MP on 21st April 2018.

In 2008 the JAM Trust acquired an empty shop unit in East Kilbride town centre, thanks to the EK town centre management.

This was for a Christmas exhibition where the true meaning of Christmas was portrayed through multi-media displays and activities. Shoppers could take time out from the busy commercialism of the Christmas period to learn about the birth of Jesus and the relevance of his life and death for us today.

After that the Jam Trust was given the use of a shop unit opposite the ice rink for use all year round. This was normally open on a Saturday between 1pm and 5pm. There were activities and presentations showing the events from creation to Christ, and staff were on hand to answer any questions. There was also a chill-out zone for youth. The shop did not sell anything, but instead presented the message of Christianity through displays and multi-media exhibits.

During special times like Easter and Christmas the shop is open on weekdays where interactive displays are available.

In the summer of 2015 the shop was moved due to Town Centre refurbishment. The new shop was in the Olympia, just down from the previous location. Then in summer 2016 the shop was closed due to further Town Centre refurbishment.

Photos of the previous shop: